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We prepare your products in our graphic design department and present them to you in a form suitable for production. The packaging design in the model you want is specially prepared for you with the difference of Biomix Pack.

It knows that technology can only be efficient to the extent that it serves creative thinking. We continue on our way with this understanding that has become a culture. By renewing our technology, we produce creative and useful cardboard packaging solutions for the needs of our customers. Thanks to their suitability for single and double-sided printing, cardboard packages are materials that can introduce, protect and create a desire to purchase the products inside in the best way possible. We offer all kinds of industrial and boutique applications with our advanced sheet offset infrastructure. Dipersion lacquer technique provides added value to our prints with a glossy appearance. It continues to take place in every aspect of our lives by using fast recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

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Biomix Packaging aims to carry its prestige and business understanding to all corners of the world by maintaining its pioneering position with fast and reliable transportation solutions.

Biomix Packaging is taking firm steps towards becoming one of the leading packaging companies in the industry by adopting a global understanding in its trade journey. In this period when trade intensity increases day by day and conditions evolve with new variables, as Biomix Packaging, we actively carry out all activities within our organization and accompany this journey.

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